About Us

Milangaz, Leader of LPG Market

Milangaz, was established at İzmir in early 1960’s, has become a preferred brand with its quality and customer oriented approach. Milangaz has started to strengthen its service quality by trademarking Güneşgaz and Likidgaz brands, and continuously investing in its technological infrastructure and human resources. Today, Milangaz is providing continuous service with 22 storage and filling facilities, 5 marine terminals and more then 10 thousand main and secondary dealers to 81 cities and more 950 districts of Turkey. Today, the most important reason why the name of LPG has become Milangaz in many regions of Anatolia is the Milangaz’s 100% Turkish Capital, quality oriented approach and the mentality of our company; “Your life is precious for us”.

Although the implemented figure for motor octane number (MON) in Turkey’s EN 589 standard is specified at least 89 in autogas stations, Milangaz keeps it at 93, in the framework of its superior quality approach.

Wide Distribution Network and Perfect Service

Milangaz is serving with 1,100 dealers, 180 retail stores, 600 autogas stations in Turkey. Adding to that, Milangaz also serves to hundreds of customers across Turkey in the case of bulk gas. Milangaz, who established its competitive strategy on customer satisfaction, always focuses on high quality and affordable products with providing fast and reliable services. Milangaz is meeting with its customers via its filling facilities, wide dealer network and retail stores spread across Turkey.

The name of LPG in Turkey!

Milangaz has the most extensive logistics network and strongest storage capacity with the 150.000 m3 of storage capacity around 22 different points in Turkey. In 2017, Milangaz’s (together with Likit Gaz and Güneşgaz)market share in the sector of cylinder LPG is 15,9%, while 7% in autogas sector.