Wide Distribution Range

Milangaz Autogas has been featuring its quality - under the close surveillance of customer satisfaction - to its customers via about 600 of licensed autogas stations in all around Turkey. The LPG, which has been supplied to Milangaz Autogas stations is being imported from Algeria, is above from both Turkish and European standards (Algerian imported LPG is 93 octane and above. According to TS-EN 589 standards, LPG has to be bigger than 89 octane).

Autogas Points of Sale


For vehicles that are fabricated or converted to LPG by a conversion center which has a sufficiency certificate from TSE (Institute of Turkish Standards), LPG is just as safe as any other type of fuel. Those standards are being designed to prevent the autogas systems from explosion in the cases of fire, over heat, or crash.

Physical establishments, LPG supplies, annual calibration settings and maintenances of the Milangaz Autogas Stations are being manually monitored by our technical personals who are also responsible for educating our staff in stations in the name of providing necessary certificates.

Efficiency and High Performance

Thanks to Milangaz who brought world standards of Autogas to Turkey, more quality fuel has become accessible. Milangaz Autogas is an efficient and high octane fuel which is prepared for commercial professionals.

Environment Friendly

When it’s compared with other fossil fuel types, LPG is being promoted by many countries for not being harmful for human beings and the environment itself. Because of LPG vehicles in Turkey, the annual oscillation of carbon dioxide has been decreased about a million ton. Adding to that, the occurring energy per each oscillated amount of carbon is more than other types of fuel.