Milangaz Bulk LPG

Milangaz is serving with its over 50 years of experience, facilities all around the Turkey, strong fleet of logistics, professional staff, and understanding of a superior service and quality for its customers. Whenever you are in need, Milangaz, with its TSE standards stage of adequate Bulk LPG service, facilities all around the country and fleets of ships and vehicles, is there for you.

What is Bulk LPG?

Bulk LPG is a transportation of LPG from LPG transportation vehicles (trucks or tanks) to the customers’ tanks for the usage of LPG in housing and/or businesses.

Domestic LPG Tanks

Milangaz Bulk LPG is very well aware of the importance of safety, therefore; every single LPG tank is being produced with high technology.

Turn-Key Solutions

Milangaz, with the idea of being the best in LPG services, is preparing your available facilities and/or newly investments for perfect working order systems by being convenient with TSE standards, providing the supply under every circumstances, turn-key operations for small and big tanks while technical, project and assembly services are given for free. Adding to that, all the provided assistance (equipment, montage, tank, and the technical assistance of evaporators) is also guaranteed by us.

Guaranty for Non-Stop Supply

As Milangaz, we give importance to the timing of the supply as much as we care about our product quality. Thanks to our professional staff and wide distribution range, we are on non-stop and in time service for 24 hours a day, 365 days of a year. Therefore, we are not disturbing the service that we are providing to the businesses, agricultural activities, houses and the customers we are working with.