Milangaz Deniz
Milangaz executes its LPG importation, transportation, distribution and warehousing (storage) operations with 5 sea terminals, 22 filling facilities, 64 bulk distribution, 73 LPG transportation vehicles and 2 sea tankers.

Marine terminals are established in Kocaeli, İzmir, Hatay, Samsun and Tekirdağ with the total storage capacity of 111,389 m3. This capacity reaches to 150.000 m3 with our filling facilities.

Terminals are connected to the sea by pipelines. Pipeline lengths:

Our tanker fleet makes around 3,100 trips and covers 1,141,000 km per month.

Izmir / Aliağa; 230 meters long and 22 meters wide pipeline with annual handling capacity of 240 thousand tons. Dolfen has been constructed to secure both fuel and LPG discharge. It has the latest technological infrastructure system in the case of quick release hooks, electric diesel fire pumps, rescue ladders, lightning rod, gas alarm system, automatic fire system, smoke and thermal detector.

Ship evacuations are carried out with float systems in our other terminals. Our float systems have all precautions and documents related to health&safety issues and environmental pollution.

Our LPG transportation vehicles has shipped 574.825 tons of LPG across the country in 2017. Our tanker fleet makes around 3,100 trips and covers 1,141,000 km per month.

In 2017, our marine tankers transported 47,760 tons of LPG.

In 2017, our cylinder filling facilities have filled 129,267 tons of LPG.

The major part of LPG sold by Milangaz is imported from Algeria via an Algerian firm of Sonatrach. Adding to our wholesales, we are also exporting LPG to the our neighbor countries. The total number of LPG exportation was 59.733 ton in 2017.