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Your Life Precious For Us

Milangaz has started its journey with the understanding of “Your life precious for us”. Today, Milangaz has been safely preferred by millions of house and work places in Turkey.

LPG Cylinders has been produced accordingly to standards of TS EN 1442 and the European Legislative Regulation of 2010/35/EU and meet Portable Pressure Equipment Directive. Beside those standards, Milangaz LPG cylinders with their brand embossed bodies and the snap fastener lids are unique and pioneer in that category. By guaranteeing the safety of its customers through “shrinked lidtos”, Milangaz also continues to make big investments and renews LPG cylinders periodically in the case Milangaz’s ongoing quality criterions.

Acquiring safety tests of LPG Cylinders are being automatically done before the every act of filling, and through these tests; Milangaz offers high quality, sediment-free and eco-friendly LPG with the double safety lidtos of fully filled LPG Cylinders.

12 kg Household LPG Cylinders

All due respect to the needs of customers, Milangaz offers the following types of household gas cylinders containing 12 kgs of LPG: regular cylinders and tall cylinders with valve. While the area of usage for these LPG cylinders is mostly for houses, also a type of preference for work places. 36 cm version of 12 kgs Household LPG Cylinders are named as regular cylinders, while 30cm versions are named as tall cylinders. There is no difference between them in the case of the containment of 12 kgs of LPG, shrink lidtos and snap fasteners.

Small LPG Cylinders

Small LPG Cylinders also as known as picnic LPG cylinders, are being offered in two types with respect to the our customers preferences: narrow and wide rimmed. 2 kg of Picnic LPG Cylinders are being preferred because of its easiness in carriage and usage for both outdoors and in-house purposes. 2 kg of Picnic LPG Cylinders can be used at the balcony to keep odors out of home while can be used for lightening, cooking and heating at the outdoors. Narrow rimmed cylinders have a diameter of 17 cm while wide rimmed cylinders have diameter of of 22.4 cm. All types of Picnic LPG Cylinders contain 2 kg of LPG. 2 kg of Picnic LPG Cylinders must not be subjected to overheating.

24 kg Commercial LPG Cylinders

These type of cylinders are mostly used in workplaces (hotels, restaurant, bakeries, hospitals, schools and etc.) for multiple purposes, such as; water heating, cooking, heating and etc. 24 kg commercial LPG Cylinders have diameter of 36 cm while having shrink lidto coverage.

19 kg and 24 kg Forklift LPG Cylinders

It was designed to be used as an alternative, economic, clean and environment friendly type of fuel for Forklifts which is been used for lifting, transporting and loading in industrial facilities and storage areas. Because of its portable design, it is easy to supply and stock. Forklift LPG Cylinders contain 19 and 24 kg of LPG and all of them has shrink lidtos.

45 kg Industrial LPG Cylinders

Milangaz offers two separate types of 45 kg LPG Cylinders namely mixed and propane which are preferable in the case of longevity for workplaces where the consumption of LPG is intense. The main difference between them is the mix one contains 70% of butane and 30% of propane, and the propane cylinder contains only propane. Because the propane gas can evaporate at -45 C, it is preferable for workplaces located in cold climates. These LPG cylinders contain 45 kg of LPG and shrink lidto coverage.