Bulk Gas

Milangaz Bulk Gas

Milangaz has been providing bulk gas service to households, industrial and commercial enterprises throughout Turkey with its LPG expertise, broad distribution network, strong transport fleet fast and reliable service approach.

Why Milangaz Bulk Gas?

Milangaz quality and assurance is with you whenever you need it!

Milangaz provides free technical support, project and consultancy services, as well as equipment supply and installation services, while making your existing facilities or new investments work with small-large bulk gas tanks, which is in compliance with TSE standards and has an uninterrupted supply guarantee. Milangaz also guarantees technical service support for equipment and assembly service.

Milangaz Bulk Gas, which is installed with compressed LPG storage tanks made of special sheet metal, overcurrent valves, service box, solenoid valve and gas detector systems, offers the safest bulk gas usage system to its users.

Uninterrupted Supply Guarantee

Working to provide uninterrupted and on time service when needed, with its broad distribution network and strong transport fleet, Milangaz offers consumers uninterrupted supply guarantee. Many consumers prefer Milangaz Bulk Gas in industrial and commercial enterprises, agricultural activities, villas and mass housing.

LPG Expert Milangaz

Milangaz, known for its expertise in the LPG sector since 1960, focuses on providing fast and reliable service with quality, environmentally friendly and innovative products. Milangaz, which bases its bulk gas sales strategy on the safety and satisfaction of the consumer, provides turnkey bulk gas service with its expert staff.

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