Milangaz Environmentally Friendly Energy

Milangaz, Environmentally-Friendly Energy

LPG is a prominent and clean energy source in many countries around the world. Due to the low ratio of carbon-hydrogen, less carbon dioxide (CO2) is released when burning LPG compared to most hydrocarbon fuels. LPG is an environmentally-friendly fuel with much lower carbon and particle emissions and does not pollute water and soil.

With its environmental benefits, widespread supply chain and different usage opportunities, LPG has a vital role in energy sector. According to WLPGA, World LPG Association, LPG usage improves air quality, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to environment. In addition, LPG offers an optimum energy solution with its higher calorific value per unit and higher combustion efficiency compared to its counterparts such as coal, natural gas, diesel, gasoline, fuel oils, and biomass-derived alcohols.

Milangaz continues to work hard to deliver environmentally-friendly, innovative and efficient energy to more consumers.

Clean Future with Environmentally-Friendly Energy

Milangaz develops environmentally-friendly products and projects to leave a clean environment for future generations with the high environmental sensitivity. With its clean,      low-carbon, efficient and innovative energy, Milangaz supports the protection of environment.