Cylinder Gas

Turkey's first LPG brand: Milangaz

Turkey’s first LPG brand Milangaz delivers its expertise and quality to consumers in more than 950 districts at 81 provinces today. Developing its regional investments and distribution network, Milangaz serves the cylinder gas needs with its 21 LPG facilities, cylinder manufacturing factory, over 1.000 cylinder gas dealers and retail outlets throughout Turkey.

Milangaz focuses on providing fast and reliable service with high quality, environmentally friendly and innovative products by building its competitive strategy on consumer satisfaction. LPG cylinders at Milangaz facilities undergo tests and controls determined by the Turkish Standards Institution at every stage of filling. Milangaz conducts regular analyzes of LPG supplied from both domestic and abroad in its accredited LPG laboratories, and carefully checks all products compliance with standards before they are placed on the market. Maintaining the same efficiency and high quality standard in every product, Milangaz has a safety cover in all its products and offers a full occupancy guarantee.

Milangaz cylinder gas supplies energy to millions of consumers every year. Milangaz also differentiates in the sector with its 444 0 120 Milangaz Call Center, which provides instant and uninterrupted support to consumers.

Milangaz continues to focus on new usage areas in the cylinder LPG segment, which is one of the most mobile energy sources and an efficient and environmentally friendly energy solution, to offer energy solutions to meet the needs of different consumer groups with its product innovations, and to develop its product portfolio.