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Milangaz, the expert brand of Turkish LPG market

Milangaz is among the leading players in the LPG sector with its consumer-oriented and quality focus approach since 1960. By being a preferred brand for consumers, Milangaz offers LPG service to all segments in more than 950 districts and 81 provinces in Turkey.

By focusing on fast and reliable service Milangaz aims high consumer satisfaction with its high quality, environmentally-friendly and innovative products in line with its competitive strategy. Milangaz offers its expertise and quality to consumers with 5 sea terminals, Cylinder Manufacturing Factory, located in Hatay Dörtyol, 21 LPG facilities and LPG cylinder production factory in Turkey.

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Besides serving with more than 1.000 cylinder gas dealers and retail outlets and over 800 autogas stations, Milangaz also offers bulk gas services to households, industrial and commercial enterprises throughout Turkey.

Milangaz provides energy to millions of households every year with cylinder gas and offers efficiency and high quality in every product. Every day, thousands of vehicles prefer environmentally-friendly, high-octane, efficient and high-performance Milangaz Autogas. Milangaz also offers safe system and guarantees continuous supply service with its bulk gas service.

Milangaz offers innovative, environmentally-friendly products/projects and continuously invests in technological infrastructure and human resource in line with the consumer needs and expectations with its motto "With Milangaz, all is well"

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