New Generation Forklift Tube Milangaz LiftMax


The total weight of Milangaz LiftMax, which contains 15 kg of LPG, is 23.5 kg.

Milangaz LiftMax's light weight allows the forklift operator to easily lift and install the cylinder alone. Within the scope of the ISO11228 standard, the manual lifting load of an employee is limited to a maximum of 25 kg.


Milangaz LiftMax is produced with advanced technology according to EN14427 portable, refillable standards, does not corrode, does not require painting and maintenance like classical tubes. While pollutants such as iron dust and sludge caused by corrosion in steel tubes damage the forklift and cause the forklift to malfunction, Milangaz LiftMax does not damage the forklift.

Easy and fast connection

Thanks to Milangaz LiftMax's special ACME thread connection adapters, no additional equipment is required for forklift connection, it is securely tightened by hand. When the connection is made completely, LPG flow is provided.

Suitable for indoor use

Diesel powered forklifts can only be used outdoors; however Milangaz LiftMax is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.