Milangaz LikitMax (45kg)

Milangaz LikitMax (45 kg)

Milangaz LikitMax is preferred in production processes or in industrial facilities that consume energy for heating purposes, manufacturing plants, workshops, tourist facilities (hotel, pension etc.), highway accommodation facilities, food production facilities, restaurants, cafes etc. due to its high performance, safety and efficiency.

Providing maximum efficiency and uninterrupted performance, Milangaz LikitMax has been specially produced for businesses with high consumption needs, where bulk gas tanks cannot be placed due to safety distances, and where space is limited. Milangaz LikitMax system increases energy efficiency by using the liquid phase of the LPG cylinder, unlike conventional industrial tube collector systems that use the gas phase. It is a compact system that provides much more energy to be taken with one Milangaz LikitMax tube than 5-6 pieces of 45kg industrial cylinders.

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